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Community Bridge Initiative

The Community Bridge Initiative, offered by the USU Center for Civic Engagement and Service-Learning, provides an exciting opportunity to share service and learning within our Cache Valley Community through local partnerships. In the Community Bridge Initiative, Community Partners and USU instructors meet jointly to discuss important social topics. These new and innovative ideas are then shared with students, who investigate and apply their training to a variety of real-world projects. Perhaps the best news is that cities and non-profit organizations— and most importantly the community—enjoy services that foster healthy and happy persons and a more sustainable, livable future.

If you're a student looking to volunteer with a community organization, log into AggieSync and click the Organizations tab.

If you're a nonprofit, school, or local government interested in becoming a community partner, please email

Click here to download the CBI Partner Booklet.  

Some past CBI collaborations:
Ellis Elementary Summer School

 students planting treesstudent tutoring eritrean man