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Community Bridge Initiative

The Community Bridge Initiative, offered by the USU Center for Community Engagement, provides an exciting opportunity to share service and learning within our Cache Valley Community through local partnerships. In the Community Bridge Initiative, Community Partners and USU instructors meet jointly to discuss important social topics. These new and innovative ideas are then shared with students, who investigate and apply their training to a variety of real-world projects. Perhaps the best news is that cities and non-profit organizations— and most importantly the community—enjoy services that foster healthy and happy persons and a more sustainable, livable future.

If you're interested in becoming a community partner, please email Thanks! 

Here are a few of our community partners! Would you like to join them in the CBI?

Cache Community Food Pantry

The Cache Community Food Pantry is a community partnership, and our goal is to ensure that no individual in Cache County goes to bed hungry. 

Utah Conservation Corps

The vision of the UCC is to create

sustainable communities while conserving the natural heritage of Utah and the Intermountain West.

Habitat for Humanity

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore accepts donations of building and redecorating materials, keeping them out of the landfill and selling them at a discount to support Habitat's work.

Cache Humane Society

Cache Humane Society is an Animal Rescue Shelter, accepting all animals regardless of size, shape, health or temperament. 

Stokes Nature Center

Stokes Nature Center is a vibrant nature center and outdoor exploration hub for people of all ages in the heart of the Wasatch-Cache National Forest.

Sound Beginnings at USU

Sound Beginnings at Utah State University is an early education program that provides services to children with hearing loss whose families want their children to learn to listen and talk.

Cache Makers

Cache Makers is a nonprofit that works with 5-19-year-olds who like to make stuff and try new STEAM-related things.

Common Ground Outdoor Adventures

Common Ground Outdoor Adventures is a non-profit organization that provides outdoor recreational opportunities for youths and adults with disabilities.


Bridgerland Literacy

Bridgerland Literacy offers free tutoring assistance in the areas of reading and writing to adult learners that are conversational in English. 

Cache Pride Center

Our mission at the Cache Pride Center is to transform and support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Pansexual, plus (LGBTQIAP+) communities through support groups, comprehensive programming, suicide prevention, mentoring, advocacy, and training.

Zootah at Willow Park

Our mission at the zoo is to serve the community through promoting wildlife conservation, and education and nurturing young minds through exposure to wildlife and the natural world around them.