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Find Service and Log Hours on AggieSync

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AggieSync is your one-stop shop for all things service.


Whether you're looking for service hours for your class or just feel the need to give of yourself this year, AggieSync has something for you. We've been known to call it "Facebook for Service," with even more features.  Browse the calendar of service events, look at the organizational profiles of program and local nonprofits you might want to know more about, and log your hours.  Stay up to date on all the types of service that interest you.  At the end of the semester or the year, you can download or request a "service transcript" that you can take to job interviews or attach to your resume.

To get started with AggieSync:
1. Log in to your MyUSU page
2. In the lefthand panel, where you usually find Canvas and Banner, you'll see AggieSync at the very bottom.  Click on that
3. Fill out your profile
4. Click on the Utah State University logo in the top left corner to start browsing